With photography I am trying to create new reality. It’s quest for perfection, for impeccable light. And, as every quest, it will never end. Because, in a fraction of second everything changes, creating more and more impressive visual concept. Most common perception is that photography is freezing the moment. I don't believe in it. It much more than that. Photography, as any other form of art is providing the basis for spectator to see what he desires to see. We just use the media of photography to aid people to get out of their mind borders, to use their imagination. My most happy moment is when a visitor in gallery or exhibition does not ask what I meant in specific photograph, but when I hear an explanation what he sees and that explanation differs from what I saw when I made the picture. Because every picture is a world by itself, it is not a moment, frozen in time. The perfect picture for me is when everybody sees something that clicks the button and this something is always different.

Member of the Royal Photographic Society.

Solo Exhibitions:

2016 "Faces of Jerusalem". Ramat Eshkol Municipal Library. Jerusalem

2015 "Sacred City? Faces and Walls". Ramat Eshkol Municipal Library. Jerusalem

Selected Group Exhibitions


"World Fair", Canton Museum of Art, Canton, Ohio, USA

"Queer Performance: From Gilbert & George to the Present Day". Curated by Svetlana Reingold. Haifa Museum of Art

"From nine to five". Curated by Hanita Elizur. Artist House Gallery. Rishon LeZion, Israel


"Objects clarifies a place". Curated by David Adika and Gaston Itskovich. 5th International Photography Festival, Tel Aviv

"Abject Art". Curated by Doron Furman. "Central" Gallery. Tel Aviv

“Imagination 2017”. Contemporary Israeli Art Exhibition, Bank Hapoalim Art Center, Tel Aviv 

"Secret Postcard" Project. Fresh Paint 7 Art Fair. Tel Aviv 

"Family Story". Azul Gallery. Tel Aviv 

"Books, gentlemen...books". Curated by Hanita Elizur. Social Sciences Faculty Library & Gallery, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv. 


"Save the library". SOCCA Art Space. Tel Aviv

"Postage Required". Vermont Center for Photography. Brattleboro. VT. USA

"New Photography". Saatchi Art. Curated by Jessica McQueen. Santa Monica, CA. USA.  (catalog)

"Secret Art". "Meni House" - Bank Leumi Museum. Tel Aviv. 

"Abstraction in Photography". Curated by Limor Margulis. "Port" Gallery. Jaffa.

"Books, gentlemen...books". Curated by Hanita Elizur. "Green House" Gallery, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv. 

"Intervals". Minshar Art Gallery. Tel Aviv 

"Foodprocessor - food as a tool of sending a message". Curated by Dalit Merhav, "Sarona Art" Gallery. Tel Aviv. 

"Shades of gray:  perspective of an old age". Curated by Hanita Elizur. The New Gallery. Bat Yam Art Institute. Bat Yam. Israel

“Imagination 2016”. Contemporary Israeli Art Exhibition, Bank Hapoalim Art Center, Tel Aviv ( catalog ) 

"We all love pets". "Mansion House" Gallery. Tel Aviv

"Traces of real". Curated by Doron Furman. "Central" Gallery. Tel Aviv


"Beauty Where You Find It". Curated by Connie and Jerry Rosenthal. December. "LightBox" Gallery. Astoria, Oregon. USA. 

"STREETART Photography". Curated by Limor Margulis. "Port" Gallery. Jaffa.

"Circle". "Alfred" Gallery. Alfred Cooperative Institute for Art & Culture. Tel Aviv.

"Same as You". "Mazeh 9" Municipal Gallery. Tel Aviv. 

"The Edge". Curated by Sagit Zaloof-Namir.  March. Hangar 2. Jaffa Port. Jaffa ( catalog)

"Portraits".  "The Brick Lane" Gallery. London. UK

"ANOTHER". Curated by Shenhav Levi. Gan Meir Gallery. GLBT Center. Tel Aviv (catalog)


"SCOPE Miami Beach" Art Fair. Miami. USA.

"Contemporary Photography". "The Brick Lane" Gallery. London. UK

"Picture Peace". "Circle 1" Gallery. Berlin. Germany

"Picture Peace". Speaker's Corner - New Voices in Hackney Art. London. UK

"Picture Peace". "Beit HaGefen" Arab Jewish Culture Center Gallery. Haifa. Israel

"Year in Review". Angel Orensanz Foundation. New York City. USA


"SCOPE Miami Beach" Art Fair. Miami. USA. 

"The Story Of The Creative". Angel Orensanz Foundation. New York City. USA

"TLV Pride". Rabin square open air art project. Tel Aviv. Israel

"So far, So close". Curated by Sagit Zaloof-Namir. Gavra Gallery. Tel Aviv. Israel. (catalog)


2017. "Nonplace: dance and movement". Central Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv

2016. "Faces. Israeli Portrait in classical and modern view". Mansion House Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

2015. "Same as You". June. "Mazeh 9" Municipal  Gallery. Tel Aviv. 


2016. Honorary Mention. Fine Art Portrait Category. Moscow International Foto Awards.

2016. Shortlist. Review of the Year. The Royal Photographic Society


Nanjing University. China. 2017. Chinese Culture and Contemporary Art. 

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Art School. NYC, USA. 2015. Contemporary Art and Ideas. 

Yale University. New Haven, USA. 2014. Art Studies. Class of Prof. Diana E. E. Kleiner. 

Sapienza University. Rome. 2013. Art and Architecture of Italian Renaissance. Class of Prof. Francesco Fiore. 

'Studio Gavra' School of  Photography. Tel Aviv. 2011 - 2013. Photography Studies. Class of Sagit Zaloof Namir.


La Famiglia - The photobook. ISBN 1507632150.